Friday, July 24, 2015

Chalk it up as a Win.

Today I visited my GP for a review of my General Practice Mental Health Treatment Plan. This is not new to me, having been formally reviewed under this process on a 6 monthly average for the past 6 years. The questions are always the same and in the exact same order; the only thing that changes are my responses. On account of having a very stable but also good few months, I was happy when I was able to answer each question in a very different light to any pervious occasion.
I know how I feel, whereas others don't know unless I tell them. My GP has often been on the receiving end of many of my low moments and bordering on grim correspondence from both psychologist and psychiatrist.
Today, as most days over the past few months, I felt good. Today's answers reflected that. At the end of the exam my GP pushed her chair back from the desk and took a deep breath. She said in a quiet voice, "I think we just need to take a minute to appreciate this moment".
I smiled, quietly proud as she turned to me with a very faint glint of tears in her eyes and said, "We finally did it".
Yes we did. It only took 6 years. I just hope it will last.

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